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As a company we develop management tools and we cater our products and services to meet the most demanding business requirements.

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Profit Creator Only $499

Profit Creator is the tool which is purely designed to give a quick snap-shot of the state of your business in range of sales, expenses, pricing, through to productivity and employee performance levels. The final aim of this tool is to provide some guidelines, strategies and incentives on implementing some changes, policies and procedures in your business. It will clearly show where you are losing money and how beneficial in terms of dollar value it would be for you to implement new strategies. If these systems or strategies are not implemented then it will cost your business in either lost opportunity or poor performance.


Business Health Check Only $49

Business Health Check is valuable tool to check the health of your business. It isn’t meant to solve all of the problems that you might be having with your business, but it will give you an idea of how your business is faring – it’s strengths and weaknesses. Business Health Check will also give you a few ideas and pointers on how you might address the existing issues in your business.




Price Analysis is an invaluable and must have tool for business owners and managers. Only $49

Document in pdf – link below (Jpg file on right side). Price analysis is designed to helpPrice analysis B Spec you make a quick and appropriate decision on price adjustment. Document available in Excel and would be delivered via email.




Decision Matrix Only $49

Decision Matrix is a highly desirable professional tool to be used in a search for the most favourable decision, supplier, product or service. Decision Matrix is there to help business owners / managers to make an accurate well informed decision.
Decision Matrix JPG





Performance / Score Card Only $49

If you need some assistance in order to develop and to make performance card more applicable to your business we can help (approximately would cost from $499 to $999)

Very useful and comprehensive tool to analyse sales performance and to extract invaluable data / strength, weaknesses and so on…. Document below can be tailored for different company/industry requirements (document available in Excel and would be delivered via email)

Please find the document in pdf file – link above (Jpg file on right side). We have got the documents/concepts ready to be used straight away and if we do not have it then we can modify existing or create new document/concept suitable to your business/department/store etc…. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need some help with business related matters.


Mapping your clients

Map can be tailored for different company/industry/product requirements (map available as interactive map or as a JPG or PDF doc.).