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  • What is a pricing and how does it work?
  • Manage it properly and you will enjoy a success.
  • Mismanage it and consequences will be disastrous.
  • Have you got your pricing right?
  • Could your business be in a better shape with revised pricing?
  • How balanced are your sales figures against your expenses?
  • It is the correlation of Sales to Cost of Sales and other factors across the entire range of products and/or services that needs to be understood and managed accordingly in order to ensure profitability and successful growth of a business.
  • Many businesses are working harder and harder to increase sales, only to be worse off because those sales are mainly achieved by poor pricing at reduced margin.
  • Any businesses can fall prey to this mistake (poor pricing) – and have done so – regardless of their size or reputation.
  • The price is a fine instrument which needs to be used carefully.



Price Analysis is an invaluable and must have tool for business owners and managers. Only $49


Document in pdf – link below (Jpg file on right side). Price analysis is designed to help you make a quick and appropriate decision on price adjustment. Document available in Excel and would be delivered via email.

Please find in this video some explanations on how to feed and how to interpret data from this Price analysis sheet. It is worthwhile watching it as we all need from time to time to remind ourselves what pricing the product is about. Keep in mind pricing your product one way or another is suppose to increase your overall net profit. Focus should be on net profit and not on turnover.